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Puratex® velvet brush

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For brushing and cleaning velvet fabrics.

Velvet fabrics (velours) are incredibly hip. The beautiful play of colours and comfort of these rich fabrics enchants consumers throughout Europe. Unfortunately, these substances are also very vulnerable. Because cleaning products harden and stick onto the fine fibers, dry cleaning is recommended.

The sophisticated combination of metal and synthetic bristles ensures that velvet fabrics can be easily brushed. As a result, superficial dust can be removed and difficult contaminants can be absorbed with a vacuum cleaner. Regular use helps to ensure that the vulnerable fibers are put upright again and the surface radiates again.


Move the brush over the entire surface without pressure. Then vacuum up the brushed fibers and dirt with the vacuum cleaner and the furniture attachment. Use the vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting (max. 500 Watt).

Recommended frequency:

When necessary.


Puratex® velvet brush (1 piece), manual.


Try to exert little to no pressure and move the brush over the entire surface. Before using the brush for the first time, try it in a discrete area.

With some velvet fabrics the poles are faced in one direction. In that case, always brush with the pole instead of against it. 

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