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Keralux® cleaning cloth for nubuck

€ 19,75 (including VAT)

Prevents the surface from becoming sticky and gluey.

The Keralux® cleaning cloth for nubuck is made from natural caucho. It removes dust, refreshes the color and can remove light spots, stains and edges.


Use the Keralux® cleaning cloth for nubuck more often if necessary, gently rubbing the surface in all directions. Try to exert little or no pressure. Try to be gentle with stubborn stains. Do not rub firmly in one place, you will cause a permanent stain this way. 

Recommended frequency:

2-4 times or if necessary, sufficient for 10+ seats.

Expiration date:

36 months after production date.


Keralux® cleaning cloth for nubuck (1 piece), manual

Not suitable for:

Smooth leather types, artificial leather


The cloth loses small particles after heavy use (just like an eraser), these can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Use the advised furniture attachment to avoid any possible damage. 

Always try the maintenance products in a discrete place first.

Tip: Sanded and nubuck leather types must be protected from day 1 against fading and premature soiling. A brand new piece of furniture does not have to be cleaned first, but can be immediately impregnated with the Keralux® spray after vacuuming with the furniture attachment.

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